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Company history

1967.02.11 Aiko Japan was founded.
1994.08.14 Dalian Aiko Dip Molding Co., Ltd was founded.
1995.01.10 Began the supply of products to Japan.
1999.09.23 Obtained ISO9002 quality certification.
2001.09.10 Began the supply of products to all branches of Komatsu in Japan.
2002.05.10 Installed wire machining and powder coating equipment, and began mass production.
2004.05.10 Awarded the title of “Double-excellent Enterprise” from the Dalian Foreign Cooperation Bureau.
2004.08.01 Began the supply of products to Isuzu Motors.
2005.05.11 Acquired ISO/TS16949 quality certification.
2005.12.15 Installed PVC rotary-molding equipment, and began mass production and delivery of PVC balls to OMRON.
2006.03.01 Installed rubber production equipment and began mass production and delivery to Isuzu Motors.
2006.08.01 Aiko Tsusho was founded (for new plant construction investment and expanding sales in Japan).
2007.05.01 Installed alloy production equipment.
2007.05.14 Installed machining equipment for air conditioner aluminum pipes.
2008.01.05 The new plant of Dalian Aiko Co., Ltd. was completed and relocation of all production equipment from the old plant was started.
⇒ Relocation completed in May 2008.
2008.01.10 Started mass production and delivery of E-bar and heater pipe for Valeo Thermal Systems Japan.
2008.10.22 Acquired ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification.
* Sales fell by 50% due to the effects of the global financial crisis. The number of employees dropped from 500 to 250. Recovery required approximately 18 months.
2009.02.19 The shareholder ratio changed due to investment in the new plant.
Aiko Tsusho: 63% Aiko Japan: 37%
Aiko Tsusho acquired the right of management.
2010.08.11 Company name was changed to Dalian Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
2011.01.21 Began the supply of products to BMW.
2011.12.04 Yanbian Aiko Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was founded (land area 35,000 m²).
2012.11.01 Completed planning and first-phase construction of the Yanbian Aiko project (building area 12,000 m²). Equipment was moved in and production started.
2013.01.01 Yanbian Aiko Auto Parts Co., Ltd. began operating and plant production was started.
2013.09.30 It was decided to stop production at Yanbian Aiko and withdraw from the market due to the rapid deterioration of the economic environment (start of the super-weak yen). Production was concentrated at Dalian Aiko.
2015.11.02 The CEO announced that the company had emerged from the crisis caused by the super-weak yen.
Specialize on the main business of clamp production and sharpened global sales.
2016.01.01 The company’s English name was changed to Aiko Clamp (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
This name will be used for trademarks in the future.


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