Greetings from Chairman

We will continue to take on the challenge of how to survive this era with five points of emphasis.

We will continue to take on the challenge of how to survive this era with five points of emphasis.

I would like to say hello to you when you update the homepage.

How will the world and Japan survive this era so much that it is said to be the corona era? We are approaching a time when we have to overcome the big theme of.

Aiko Clamp Group is about to enter its 28th year in Dalian, China. Companies are often asked about the difficulty of continuing and perpetuating the period since their founding.

Taking this nightmare of the COVID-19 era as an opportunity, Aiko Clamp Group will also update its homepage and focus on expanding sales not only in Japan and China, but also in Europe and the United States.

First, I would like to mention five of these points.

First point: More open on SNS

First, we will disseminate corporate information and interact with customers on our website and SNS. In particular, we will promote information dissemination and exchange centered on FaceBook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Second point: Supplying the world through IoT trade

Second, we will aggressively develop international IoT supplies. Dalian, China has long been an international gateway to the Tohoku region, and is a very suitable place for both marine and land transportation. Not to mention sea transportation, rail transportation to EU countries via Moscow is possible by land, so we will actively engage in global trade.

Third point: Contribute as a GNT company

Third, as a GNT company, it will be possible to establish new customers. GNT company means Global Niche Top company, and AIKO CLAMP of pvc / rubber coated clip has a good track record and ability is praised by the industry. In the future, we aim to expand sales of clamps to truck, bus, construction vehicle, and agricultural vehicle manufacturers in the United States and EU countries.

Fourth point: Unique coating technology

Fourth is our unique coating technology. There are two types of Pvc Dip molding: clamp coating molding and cap molding. Aiko Clamp Group is a specialized manufacturer of this clamp. Currently, caps account for about 5% of total production.

In the future, with the motto of “ambidextrous management”, we will position cap production as one of the pillars of ambidextrous, wipe out the trap of past and present industrial parts, and develop a new product “cap” with a new perspective and feeling. Open up sales channels and aim for “ambidextrous management”!

What kind of “new product” is it? Let’s look forward to it!

Fifth point: How to contribute to society (SDGs, etc.)

Fifth is to contribute to society through our business. Regarding social contribution, we will estimate activities to think and act on a daily basis, not only from the immediate business but also from employee education.

AIKO CLAMP is constantly taking on new challenges.

As mentioned above, I will ask the power of the new AIKO CLAMP company so that all employees can respond to the wishes of customers with new thoughts and the development of new worlds in their hearts.


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