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Message from the Chairman

In today’s difficult economic environment, I offer my greetings to everyone who has left Japan and is working everyday in a foreign land.

Clips that connect the world together

Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

It’s our pleasure to greet you upon renewing our web page.

I participated in establishing Aiko Co., Ltd.Japan in 1968 and worked for this company for twenty years. In succession to that twenty years period, our experience of manufacturing clips in China region (6 years in Taiwan and 24 years in Dalian) just reached 50 years in total now.

Although our production line located in overseas, we introduced in-house all in one production line process which covers all clip manufacturing work, including press die, PVC coating, powder coating for nylon/polyethylene items, and composition, kneading, and sulfide processing of rubber coatings. By introducing this system, we can always deliver our products directly to our clients. We can offer our clients just-in-time production service as if our production line exists in Japan.

In most cases, insulated metal clips for automobiles are manufactured by the affiliated trading companies of automobile manufacturers. Little is known about their manufacturing process. Most suppliers are very small companies which provide pressing and resin coating services. No one can guarantee the steady production and supply.

Dalian Aiko Co Ltd built production bases in Taiwan and Dalian in the early stages of its history, and have guaranteed its steady supply of product to leading Japanese automobile body manufacturers almost for twenty years in Dalian.

In the second half of last year, Dalian Aiko Co Ltd started “IoT Smart Factory” plan to the end of fiscal year of 2018. This year, we plan to achieve visualization of our production plan, and paperless plan in production management so as to solve remaining problems on the Dalian Aiko Co Ltd side for the realization of IoT.

“Please be noted that when considered the whole amount of insulated metal clips which can used in the process of manufacturing of finished products , the total number can be far higher than you imagined, and the purchasing cost as well.
When you see the purchasing cost of clips of your factories, each purchasing numbers seem very small. However, if your head office purchase the metal clip by central buying, total purchasing cost can be tens of millions yen per month, .
If you purchase from us, we can directly deliver our clips from Dalian to your each factories.”

I myself Kuranaga at Dalian Aiko Co Ltd, have been engaged in the manufacturing and sales of automobile clips for 50 years. From our experience, we believe that although automobile clips itself are very tiny part, but our product play important roles in the finished products, and our product make difference. We are looking forward to providing our service for your company’s purchasing scheme.

2st February, 2017

CEO & President
Kuranaga Kazuo


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