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Privacy Policy

Acquiring personal information

Aiko Clamp (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “the Company”) acquires user information by the following two means.

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The Company may request input of names and email addresses as part of some content (the contact form).This information will be used to confirm and identify the user at the time of the contact.


The Company uses cookies in some content to collect information.The cookies are recorded in the user’s computer when the user visits the site.However the recorded information does not include any information which can identify the individual, such as a name or email address.

The Company may use this information to analyze which services the viewers are interested in, or to deliver effective web advertisementsIf you do not want information to be collected using cookies in this way, you may set your browser to refuse cookies.However be aware that depending on the content, the website may not function correctly when cookies are disabled.

Acquiring information

In addition to use for responding to inquiries, the information which is input for some content may be used to develop and provide more appealing and valuable services.The Company shall not disclose personal information to a third party without the permission of the viewer concerned. It shall not disclose any kind of personal information except when required to do so by law or by a legally compulsory request.

Sharing of information

Information which was registered personally by the viewer and which can be used to confirm that the individual is the same person may be shared within the Company and its network in order to inform the viewer that he/she has previously entered his/her name and other information when using other individual-oriented services provided by the Company.Of course this personal information shall never be intentionally disclosed to individuals or organizations who are not approved as partners of the Company.

Community precautions

The Company shall exercise extreme caution in protecting personal information which was registered by the viewers.However in the event that a viewer voluntarily registered personal information him/herself on a blog, bulletin board, or other community, or other service that other users can view, be aware that this information may be used for purposes other than that intended.Be aware that information which was registered in this way at a location other than the personal information input locations prepared by the Company is not subject to personal information protection by the Company, and is the responsibility of the user.The privacy policy of this company may be changed without notice due to laws or other reasons.

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Add:Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone 88 Liaohe E Rd, Dalian, Liaoning, China (Shuyuan Science and Technology Industry Park)
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