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PVC sol Dipped Caps

Suitable for small-lot production of wide-ranging product types with super-low mold costs
These PVC caps are essential for covering wire harness terminals!!

PVC sol Dipped Caps

Dip cap molding processes and dip clamp coating processes are the twin pillars of Aiko Clamp (Dalian) basic production technologies.Although many part design engineers are familiar with plastic injection molded parts and rubber molded parts, few engineers understand the dip production characteristics that result in easy start-up and low prototyping costs.The dip caps which combine a variety of functions such as insulation, protection, and decoration are extremely diverse. We aim for large reductions in cost through the use of inexpensive, multi-functional PVC. PVC is a material that plays a large role in our daily lives,

Please consider taking another look at PVC dip caps. In the past, PVC dip caps were widely used as insulating caps in many industries.As new production equipment and technologies were developed, and as advances were made in a variety of plastic injection molding and automation technologies, dip caps were largely forgotten in the design concepts of production engineers.Aiko Clamp (Dalian) proudly declares itself a company which has dip production technologies.

The Aiko Clamp (Dalian) standard parts listed below continue to be essential parts worldwide for the automobile industry and for the home appliances and OA device industries. “Dust amassed will make a mountain!” This is the business spirit of Dalian Aiko.

Characteristics of dip molded products

PVC sol Dipped Caps

Dip molding is a process in which aluminum or brass male molds are produced and immersed in a room-temperature resin paste, creating products formed from the PVC coating on the surface of the molds.Some molded products require some cutting or other machining after dipping.


  • The low mold costs and rapid delivery time make this process ideal
    for prototype production.
  • The mold investment required for mass production is also low, allowing high quality and rapid delivery while still keeping product costs low.
  • The male mold yields high-precision inner diameter product dimensions.
  • Dip molding can be used to create shapes which cannot be produced with other kinds of resin or rubber molding.
  • Customers can select the resin color, and finished products have a glossy shine that can match the parts it is used with.
  • Because PVC is a soft resin, it is flexible and can maintain a secure seal on other parts.
  • It has electrical insulation performance, toughness, resistance to oil and chemicals, resistance to aging, and the ability to withstand pressure.
  • UL grades or special blended resins can be used to provide special physical properties such as heat resistance, cold resistance, self-extinguishing performance, and anti-migration performance.

Examples of product applications

1.Insulating sleeves for crimped terminals
2.Insulating covers
3.Water-resistant covers
4.Anti-dust covers
5.Electric wire terminal caps

PVC sol Dipped Caps
PVC sol Dipped Caps
PVC sol Dipped Caps
PVC sol Dipped Caps



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