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Introduced AIKO's IoT logistics specializing in large-scale transactions

This time, AIKO Clamp has established an IoT logistics system so that a large number of clamps can be delivered directly to large production plants of major vehicle manufacturers or to production bases in various regions more smoothly.

*AIKO IoT International Logistics is currently providing a system specializing in monthly large-scale transactions for major vehicle manufacturers and large-scale vehicle production plants. In addition, due to production control, in principle, we will deal directly with the factory (Dalian factory in China), and we will ship the products directly from the factory without loss. For transactions other than large-scale transactions, we will introduce you to the head office sales department (Aiko Trading) in Japan. Please contact us for more information.

Achievement of annual cost reduction of 120 million JPY

Achievement of annual cost reduction of 120 million JPY

①Unit price reduction
If you order 10 million pieces of all shapes a month, even a reduction of only 1 yen will result in a reduction of -10 million yen / month and 120 million JPY / year.

Clamp manufacturing usually does not have a specialized factory, so when ordering, in most cases, due to production capacity issues, orders are distributed to several sheet metal and press factories.

In this respect, AIKO clamps can be mass-produced in all shapes every month. Since all CLAMP shapes can be mass-produced in one factory, it is possible to review the unit price cost that has not been realized so far.

In addition, the introduction of IoT has made it possible for the purchasing department of the manufacturer to place bulk orders and deliver directly to each factory, making it easier to consider.

Surplus inventory can be reduced

Surplus inventory can be reduced

②Surplus reduction by IoT
CLAMP often makes a rough estimate of the quantity, such as “ordering more for small parts” or “because of the large number of shapes, it will not be used”, and often has excess or excess inventory.

However, with IoT-based logistics, we can deliver only the necessary amount, which will further reduce the cost of the surplus burden.

Other features

Other features

③Multilingual, global compatible system
The IoT system that works with the customer’s factory system and delivers without waste uses a proven Japanese system. Not only Japanese and English but also Chinese are supported.

④Ship to the world from Dalian Port
The AIKO CLAMP production factory is located near the port of Dalian Port, which is the international gateway to the northeastern region of China, so it can be transported from the factory to the port without loss of time. From Dalian Port, stable marine transportation is possible from Japan, the United States, Australia, Asian countries, the Middle East, and Africa.

⑤Land transportation and shipment to European countries through a linear international railway network from China to Europe
Direct delivery system is possible for production markets in Southeast Asia, India, and Europe through the railway network from China to Europe.

"AIKO IoT supply Logistics" is a system realized at the request of a major vehicle factory.

“AIKO IoT Logistics” was originally a system realized at the request of a major rolling stock factory. Several major Japanese industrial vehicle manufacturers have already begun efforts and are demonstrating their effectiveness.

Currently, we specialize in monthly large-scale transactions for major vehicle manufacturers and large-scale production vehicle factories, but for non-large-scale transactions, we handle them at the Japan Sales Department (Aiko Trading). Please contact us for more information.

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