For large transactions, it is possible to propose free mold charges.

This time, AIKO Clamp has established an IoT logistics system so that a large number of clamps can be delivered directly to large production plants of major vehicle manufacturers or to production bases in various regions more smoothly.

Along with this, we have started a service that can provide mold costs free of charge to manufacturers who are considering introducing IoT logistics, depending on the conditions.

*AIKO IoT International Logistics is currently providing a system specializing in monthly large-scale transactions for major vehicle manufacturers and large-scale vehicle production plants. In addition, due to production control, in principle, we will deal directly with the factory (Dalian factory in China), and we will ship the products directly from the factory without loss. For transactions other than large-scale transactions, we will introduce you to the head office sales department (Aiko Trading) in Japan. Please contact us for more information.

About the guideline for large-scale transactions
▲ Orderly lined molds (part of storage)

About the guideline for large-scale transactions

Monthly production(In monthly orders, not single orders)

・Types:More than 200-300 type shapes
・Deliveries:1 million to 2 million or more
・Approximate:About 30 to 50 million JPY or more

The above is just an example.

*1 The reason why the quantity and amount vary is that the unit price differs depending on the “shape”, “processing” and “finishing” of the order.
*2 Approximate figures are based on the total number of orders from the purchasing department of the manufacturer’s head office, which summarizes the number of deliveries to each manufacturer’s factory.
*3 We will deliver large lots to the factories of each manufacturer in a distributed manner, but we will introduce IoT management to manage deliveries without delay.
*4 Although it is a large lot, there is no variation in quality because it is supplied from production at a single factory.

About the average number of shapes and products required per company
▲ Carefully produced by precision machinery and manual work

About the average number of shapes and products required per company

The clamp shape required by one company (manufacturer) is usually less than 500 types. In addition, of these 500 types, the type shape that delivers 10,000 or more per month is generally around 200 types.

Based on this experience, AIKO Clamp has improved and designed a versatile shape in-house and released its own standard. These versatile shapes have covered the shapes and molds of vehicle manufacturers around the world, and currently around 2,000 molds are in mass production.

In particular, this original AIKO clamp has condensed our unique know-how such as insulation coating technology, materials, plating, resistance, heat resistance, etc., and it is a product unique to a specialized company.

About the mold that AIKO clamp thinks
▲ Integrated production from mold design to finishing

About the mold that AIKO clamp thinks

①Clamp problem that does not fit
Clamps are parts used in any industrial vehicle, but most of the required shapes are inherited from the clamp part design based on the past design of each production plant for many years.

Therefore, the original purpose of the clamp, “to stabilize and fix the harness, pipe, hose, etc.”, is relatively unreasonable from the viewpoint of the dimensions of each part.

②Clamp mold cost bulky problem
Clamp dies are around 500,000 yen, which is relatively cheap compared to other molded dies. However, due to the large number of required shapes and the fact that the shapes change with each model change of the vehicle model, the result is a “large cost”. In addition, when mass-producing, it is not possible to continue using the same mold for a long period of time, and regular remaking and maintenance of the mold is required.

③Efforts to standardize highly versatile clamps
From the standpoint of each manufacturer, there is a problem in terms of budget and design that “it is not possible to spend time and cost to change the shape every time”. We understand this and have created our own versatile clamp design. By proposing from this standardized mold, we have reduced the cost of new molds and made it possible to handle with very minor mold maintenance. This is also the result of the design efforts over the past 54 years.

④With the design and procurement department of each manufacturer
In other words, the production design of new clips and the increase in items, especially the increase in mold production costs, were the bottleneck of each manufacturer’s design and procurement department.

The important dimensions are the dimensions of the harness and pipes to be stably fixed, and the dimensions of the part where the clamp body is stably fixed to the specified vehicle body.

At our company, in order to reduce the burden on each manufacturer as much as possible, we emphasize versatility, propose standardized molds, and actively suppress mold generation.

AIKO clamp starting from the mold
▲ We have manufactured all kinds of molds

AIKO clamp starting from the mold

①In-house integrated production is a strength
For 54 years, all manufacturing processes from

design → mold → press → insulation coating*5 → finishing
*5 PVC, rubber, PE, nylon, heat shrinkable tube, etc.

are integrated in-house under strict quality control, and we always maintain very high quality. Especially for molds, maintenance can be done in-house, which realizes efficient cost cutting.

②Overwhelming design and the number of molds owned
Currently, we have manufactured more than 30,000 molds, including dormant molds (molds that have not been produced and used for more than 5 years).

From experience, in most cases, slight dimensional differences are within the permissible range due to the design of the vehicle or product, or can be cleared by minor mold modification. Please feel free to contact us regarding shapes and specifications that are not on the site.

Achievement of annual cost reduction of

Achievement of annual cost reduction of "120 million yen"

If you place an order for “limited clamp production” from each factory to a press factory, etc., it will not be possible to handle mass production, and it will be a burden on both the clamp production side and the vehicle manufacturer side. For example, problems such as

・ There is a limit to reducing the “unit price” due to the number of products produced.
・ “Total cost” will increase
・ “Quality variation” occurs

cannot be solved.

AIKO Clamp is a company created to meet these niche needs.

lthough it is a “small part” that is often overlooked, we have contributed to cost reduction of 100 million units per year by managing the quantity at the manufacturer’s head office. 

In particular, regarding metal insulating clamps for trucks, buses, construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, etc., we will establish an international IoT supply system as a [GNT company = a manufacturer with a high global market in a narrow market].

Please feel free to contact us.

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