It is recommended to purchase all the clamps of each factory from the customer’s head office using IoT logistics.

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CEO Kazuo Kuranaga

Currently, in August 2021, the production base was moved from Japan to Dalian, China, and it has already entered the 29th year. Our main service is the production and sale of metal vehicle insulation clamps.

Vehicles are mainly targeted at truck, bus, construction vehicle, and agricultural vehicle manufacturers. Such a special vehicle is destined to have a large vibration of the vehicle body and to be handled roughly in the field. Therefore, even if it is a clamp, it is [(1) toughness of metal material] as well as [(2) shock absorption by elasticity of PVC or rubber coating] against external impact. >, Etc., it is necessary to consider ensuring the safety of vehicle body equipment, and it also plays a role in no small measure. As a result of continuing to produce vehicle clamps that can withstand this special environment and requirements while making improvements for many years, we have become an insulating clamp that we can confidently recommend with our own know-how. This is our AIKO CLAMP.

▲ 50 years specializing in metal insulation clamps for vehicles

For nearly 30 years, I have been absorbed in trading only between China and Japan, and I have hardly been able to approach other countries and regions. In passenger cars, there is a greater demand for light weight than impact resistance, and all-plastic and resin clamps are used, so our metal insulating clamps are rarely used. Therefore, although it is embarrassing, there was almost no contact record or transaction record with Japan represented by Western countries, special vehicle manufacturers in countries and regions other than China, and vehicle manufacturers mainly for passenger cars all over the world. ..

Therefore, we have renewed our website so that we can turn our attention to the world again and make our metal insulation clamp for vehicles “AIKO CLAMP” known and handle it more globally. Construction vehicles, head offices, factories, designers of the special vehicle industry, as well as people in the material procurement department and material purchasing department all over the world, including Western countries, are encouraged to take an interest in our AIKO CLAMP and its safety. It would be great if we could support vehicles around the world with the effects of sex and cost performance. It should be noted that the larger the vehicle manufacturer and the large vehicle factory, the more effective it is in cost performance, stable quality and supply, so we hope that it will be especially useful for large companies.

▲ One-stop manufacturing in the same factory from molds to sheet metal, manufacturing, and surface treatment

AIKO CLAMP starts with [① Design and manufacture of press dies] , [② Press sheet metal processing] and its [③ Treatment on metal surface] (That is, plating processing on metal surface, surface treatment processing such as cation coating, etc.), and as an insulation treatment to prevent energization because it is a metal part, [④ PVC coating processing] strong> Or [⑤ Rubber coating] or [⑥ Powder resin coating (PEor nylon)] , and then [⑦ To metal part] Welding process] , etc., is an insulating clamp that looks like a simple part at first glance, but there are many processes to finish it, and we have cultivated fine know-how at each stage. Since all of this is consistently covered within the same in-house factory, it is characterized by the fact that problems such as quality variations and schedules until delivery are unlikely to occur. Above all, since there is no outsourced processing process (because there are no outsourcing costs or parts transportation costs), it is a great advantage that other companies cannot match.

Furthermore, from 2010 onward, the factory has been improved to a system and system that can support IoT supply over time. The feature of this IoT logistics or supply is that it produces and supplies AIKO CLAMP in response to the SCM system on the vehicle producer side. In other words, [(1) vehicle producer side] production plan and status, clamp consumption and status, clamp inventory and status, etc., [② clamp production side] The production status, supply status, stock quantity status of the distribution center, etc. are comprehensively linked. We devised a mechanism to create a synergistic effect between the logistics / supply logic part, which is the specialty of AI and robots, which are IoT, and the part such as plans judged by humans.

▲ Under the clear blue sky of Dalian

In view of the dire situation of the global corona disaster, it seems that the industrial system that relied on analog until now has begun to be destroyed. I feel that it is an era when society and each company are under pressure to promote reform efforts by showing their understanding of AI management and IoT management. However, for the time being, it is thought that people will ultimately make decisions and decisions on ideas such as vehicle model changes and design brush-ups. For this reason, mutual efforts between the vehicle producer and the parts (clamp) supplier will be a prerequisite for surviving this new era. We hope that we will lead each other’s new era to success through efforts that integrate both sides of the era and period called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

(Although it seems to be a supplement, simultaneous management of AI and IoT management with external companies is difficult. In particular, leakage of corporate secrets can cause excessive corporate loss. We will proceed with the project based on discussions and security measures through mutual understanding and mutual preliminary investigations.)

▲ Members of the IoT Technology Department opening up a new era

In any case, as the globalized market enters the IT era, more on-time and efficient [procurement / purchasing] [parts production] [appropriate stock of parts] [finished product production] [automatic shortage parts It will be essential and a goal for both parties to realize a cycle such as ordering] and to complete mutual lean management and cost effectiveness. In order to achieve this big mutual goal, we hope that you can make use of our IoT logistics supply for clamp parts.

In addition, our factory can still manufacture 30 million clamps per month. For this reason, in collaboration with the Procurement / Purchasing Department of the vehicle manufacturer’s head office, AIKO CLAMP clamp parts, which are a unified standard, can be delivered directly from Dalian Aiko to factories around the world to production bases and factories around the world.・ It is also possible to deliver in a distributed manner. There is no doubt that this will provide enormous quality and cost benefits.

Finally, although it was late, our general affairs and on-site staff came together to start the official SNS. I think that the threshold of the insulation clamp production site, which was difficult to see, has been lowered to some extent. We hope that you will use it as a contact point for casual contact. And I hope that you can contribute to the significant cost reduction of your company.

※Translated directly using Google Translate.
There may be incomplete words and grammar, but please forgive me.

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