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A straight type clamp that is fixed by welding.
The feature is that the shape of the end where the metal is exposed is not flat but a semicircle. By providing a semi-circular part at the end, it is devised so that it can be installed in the installation position without deviation when fixed. This is one of the unique ideas that a certain vehicle manufacturer has proposed and added.
In addition, two bends are made in advance when manufacturing the clamp. This will assist in fixing and bundling wire harnesses, etc.
In addition, a cavity is also provided in the body part to give appropriate flexibility. It is also insulated by coating.
Although it is a simple straight type, it is a clamp with abundant ingenuity.

Steel material SPCC
Insulation coating a) PVCsol: Black, Thick: 0.6~1.0
b) PE, PVC heat shrink tube
Heatproof temperature a) 180℃ x 30 minutes 3 cycles ⇒ Same as 200℃ specifications
b) 180℃ x 30 minutes 3 cycles ⇒ Same as 200℃ specifications
Surface treatment (plating) MFZn8F (trivalent chromium) or no treatment
Finish shape According to customer request
size 7 types *Variations in mass production (view size list below)


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NO Product No. L a b d G t Coating material Coating material
PVC Heat shrink tube
1 SCF05010060 25 10 4×24 0.6 Illustrated
2 SCF05010080 25 10 4×24 0.8 Illustrated
3 SCF0701008H 40 8.0 15 6.6 4×40 0.8 Illustrated
4 SCF07010080 40 15 4×40 0.8 Illustrated
5 SCF0901010H 60 8.0 15 6.6 4×60 1.0 Illustrated
6 SCF09010100 60 15 4×60 1.0 Illustrated
7 SCF11010100 80 15 4×80 1.0 Illustrated

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