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Features / Standards

A straight type clamp that is fixed by welding.
The feature is that the body part of the clamp and the weld fixing point are twisted 90 degrees. The clamp fixing direction and the wire or wiring fixing direction are reversed by 90 degrees, which is very effective in places.
In addition, the tip on the fixed side is shaped like a semicircle so that it can be fixed accurately.
Each feature is one of our original shapes added at the suggestion of a major automobile manufacturer.
In this way, being able to handle flexible shapes is one of the strengths of AIKO CLAMP. ..
Due to its special shape, there are only two sizes currently in mass production, but other sizes and materials can be customized.
Please feel free to contact us for any ideas, requests, or problems you may have.

Steel material SPCC
Insulation coating a) PVCsol: Black, Thick: 0.6~1.0
b) PE, PVC heat shrink tube
Heatproof temperature a) 180℃ x 30 minutes 3 cycles ⇒ Same as 200℃ specifications
b) 180℃ x 30 minutes 3 cycles ⇒ Same as 200℃ specifications
Surface treatment (plating) MFZn8F (trivalent chromium) or no treatment
Finish shape According to customer request
size 2 types *Variations in mass production (view size list below)


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NO Product No. L W G t End shape Coating material
PVC Heat shrink tube
1 SCG0801008 80 10 4×28 0.8 Illustrated
2 SCG1301010 130 10 4×78 1.0 Illustrated

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