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Features / Standards

A straight type clamp with a bolt through hole, and the end fixing part has a square shape. In places where you do not want to shake from side to side, it will be easier to fix by providing fitting points, steps, dents, etc. on the frame (airframe) and the base side.
In addition, through holes* are also provided on the side where the wires and wiring are bundled and fixed, which have been treated with an insulating coating. This can be used if special fixing is required.
The length, thickness and insulation coating method can be freely determined.
There are 9 sizes currently in mass production.
*Usually hidden by coating

Steel material SPCC & SECC
Insulation coating a) PVCsol: Black, Thick: 0.6~1.0
b) PE, PVC heat shrink tube
Heatproof temperature a) 180℃ x 30 minutes 3 cycles ⇒ Same as 200℃ specifications
b) 180℃ x 30 minutes 3 cycles ⇒ Same as 200℃ specifications
Surface treatment (plating) MFZn8F (trivalent chromium) or no treatment
Finish shape According to customer request
size 9 types *Variations in mass production (view size list below)


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NO Product No. L a d t End shape Coating material
PVC Heat shrink tube
1 SCI032080 32 0.8 Illustrated
2 SCI040080 40 0.8 Illustrated
3 SCI05008H 50 7.5 5.5 0.8 Illustrated
4 SCI050080 50 0.8 Illustrated
5 SCI06308H 63 7.5 9.0 0.8 Illustrated
6 SCI063080 63 0.8 Illustrated
7 SCI080080 80 0.8 Illustrated
8 SCI100080 100 0.8 Illustrated
9 SCI10008H 100 7.5 6.2 0.8 Illustrated

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